History of the House

1580 First mention of a house connected to the source of Pernand, the Mère Fontaine [Mother Fountain].

1737 The house belongs to the line of lords from Corcelles-les-Arts.

1925 Jacques Copeau buys the house from the Badoux family, , in the presence of Mr. Levert, notary in Beaune.
The Copeau family and the Copiaus company settle in Pernand-Vergelesses.

1929 Dissolution and departure of the Copiaus.

1949 Death of Jacques Copeau.

1971 On the initiative of Marie-Hélène Dasté, creation of the Association Les Amis de Jacques Copeau [The Friends of Jacques Copeau], which will initiate and support the publication by Gallimard of Registres, a compendium of texts from Jacques Copeau, as a critic, theorist and theater educator (http://www.gallimard.fr/Contributeurs/Jacques-Copeau). The association goes on to organise the deposit of a part of Copeau and his family’s library and archives at the Bibliothèque nationale de France [French National Library] and at the Archives de Beaune [Beaune archives]. Until 2004, it will be in charge of the Maison’s maintenance.

1985 Registration of the Maison at the Inventaire supplémentaire des Monuments Historiques [French Supplementary Historic Monument List] .

1989 Creation by Catherine Dasté of the « Rencontres et ateliers de Pernand » [Gatherings and workshops of Pernand]. Seven editions will take place until 2002.

2004 Hand-over : Jean-Louis Hourdin, founder and leader of the GRAT company, buys the Maison.

2006 The Maison welcomes for the first time a professional training couse, organised by Chantiers Nomades.

2008 First study done by the architecture agency Correia to rehabilitate the site.

2009 Creation of the association Maison Jacques Copeau, chaired by Alain Renault.

2010 Muriel Mayette-Holtz, Administrator of the Comédie-Française, becomes President of the Association Les Amis de Jacques Copeau.

2011 A definition study, carried out by Jean-Claude Wallach sets out the future general orientations of the Maison.

2012 Jean-Pierre Angibaud is recruited as task officer to execute the foreshadowing of the project.

2013 Programme of activity «les Quatre Printemps» [the Four Springs], year 1, on the occasion of the Centenary of the Théâtre du Vieux-Colombier.
Launching of a construction project, « Abri poétique de travail » [Poetic shelter of work]

2014 The Ministry of Culture and Communications awards the Maison the label of Maison des Illustres.

2016 Nathalie Hance becomes President of the Association.

2017 Donation to the Maison Copeau, from the library Pierre Privat.

2018 Catherine Dasté is appointed Honorary President of the Association.
2nd programming study by the architecture agency Correia.