with the MxM Collective

On the one hand, an old house filled with memory and history, which places upcoming artists at the core of its project, revolving around three axis : creative guidance, cultural transmission in all its forms and cultural heritage showcase.

On the other hand, the MxM Collective, leading a pioneering approach, at the crossroads between creation and cultural transmission. Its creations (film performances, sound pieces, installations…) and its performing arts nomad laboratory (a transdisciplinary cultural transmission network) form a creative constellation.


The relationship developed in several stages, during training workshops, MxM artistic residencies, but also through discussions that have revealed a strong convergence on many issues related to transmission, emergence, multidisciplinarity… and above all, to what such a house can represent for artists’ paths and careers.


The companionship was born in 2021 out of these exchanges. After years of one-time projects, it brings a multifaceted energy : artistic residencies, support to young artists, trainings, educational projects, advice on the renovation and showcase of the cultural heritage.

From 2021 to 2023, MxM will be present 8 to 10 weeks a year to work on its next plays and to lead transmission and emergence-oriented projects.


Cyril Teste, appointed artistic advisor for the director, places his experience and vision at the service of the cultural and artistic project of the Maison Jacques Copeau but also of the development of its work tool.

Imagined and implemented during the pandemic, this companionship  has had to adapt to the mutiple shifts, postponement and cancellations the Collective went through, as well as to an unprecedented occupancy of the house by numerous artists looking for places to work and to craft tomorrow’s plays. However, this situation did not get in the way of the gradual shaping of the companionship through a first series of achievements .